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It is going on as we speak. I am going to try and head down and watch for a while tommorow. Just wondering if anyone had any info yet on what has gone on. Thanks, Travis

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Open results
1. Grey Dawn's Days End Sumac -- Totten
2. Jazztime Tequila Talking -- Totten
3. Utopian Sharpshooter -- Patopea
4. Jazztime Hanging Chad -- Totten
RJ. Rockcliff's Candadian Connection -- Paul Foster
J. Dust Devil's Last Spark -- Tim Coulson
Fire N Ice's Whistlin Dixie -- Mike Plazzolo
Abe and Kate's Torrid Affair -- Patopea

Derby results
1. Mr. Truman of Rimrock -- Ron Kiehn
2. Show-Biz Lucy Gotta Star -- Patopea
3. Duncan's Dee-Lite -- Jon Knapp
4. Papa's Grace Under Pressure -- Justin Thompson
RJ. Patti C's Maggie -- Patopea
J. Sanpitch River Rocksann -- Russell Peterson (sophmore in HS)
Land Ahoy -- Patopea
Show- Biz Lyle U Gotta Luv It -- Patopea
Smanatha Blue Duck -- Bert Huth
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