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Gunners Up vs Zinger Winger

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I had one of my Gunners Up units go out of service due to possible servo problems and have decided to purchase a new launcher for the time being and if I ever get the old one fixed I will have a spare.
I would like to hear from those who have used both Gunners Up and Zinger Winger and hear which one you liked best.
I will most likley go with Gunners Up because they have been good units but with one down I can't help but look at the others.

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We have two GU and they have been good units for the price. I have used them in several Hunt Test weekends with only one problem one day.
But if I was able to go out and purchase more wingers I would probably go with a Zinger as it takes only one hand to load them where with the GU you need two. Also I like the throw better with the Zinger. I do need another winger so I will probably purchase a Zinger with my gift certificate, and Rob has been very good to all the HRC clubs in his area. He provides used Zingers for any club that doesn't have enough equipment to run a good test. He even delivers them for you and picks them up when you are done with your test. Real stand up guy.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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