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Gunners Up vs Zinger Winger

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I had one of my Gunners Up units go out of service due to possible servo problems and have decided to purchase a new launcher for the time being and if I ever get the old one fixed I will have a spare.
I would like to hear from those who have used both Gunners Up and Zinger Winger and hear which one you liked best.
I will most likley go with Gunners Up because they have been good units but with one down I can't help but look at the others.

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I think the older ZW's were built a little heavier than the GU. That said, however, I have a new SOG that is built with thicker metal than the full size GU's I have. I do believe that I was told that this is the same thickness all new GU's are made with. If that is the case I would not go so far as to say the ZW is better built. The hinges on the SOG are even much better than the old ones.
I use to say that GU is about the same as ZW for much less, but IF the hinges and material thickness is the same as it is on the SOG I would say GU is about on the same level.
Richard might be able to confirm if this is correct or not.
I have launched thousands of birds out of my GU?s with only routine maintenance (rubbers..) and one servo went bad and was replaced immediately by GU (servos go out on everything I own that has them so I consider it to be fairly routine maintenance as well and carry extras for my Bumper Boys and GUs).
MHO, you can?t beat the GU?s

BTW- How many slingers are even out there? 20?[/quote]
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Ironwood said:
Gunners Up product, hmmm. There have been many no birds from my two gunners up launchers.
1. On occassions it fails to release untill you are close to it or raise the transmitter high in the air.
2. Two of the rubber tubbings are about to break at the attachment point to the blue coated nylon bag. The rubber is being gradually cut when it suddenly comes in contact with the steel pulleys.
3. One of the nylon lock nuts worked its way loose and the parts with the hook for the pulley became lost in the tall grass at a field trial.
Well the entire trial attendees saw the Gunners Up crash that day.

Would I buy another? Sure, but I would lower my expectations for near flawless performance.
1. Would fail to release ANY launcher because that would be an electronics issue NOT a launcher issue. How would the GU unit itself have anything to do with the transmitter sending a signal to the receiver? I have the same thing happen with both ZW and GU and it goes back to the Tri Tronics electronics, NOT the ZW or the GU.

2. Again the same thing will happen with ANY launcher that uses rubbers. When rubbers are worn REPLACE THEM. If you keep cutting them off you are not addressing the issue which is routine maintenance. If your rubbers are worn and you shorten them you are only adding more stress to an already worn rubber. Rubbers are like people, as soon as they are ?born? they start to die. Exposure to the sun and repeated stretching wears them out and that is how we use them.

3. The nylon lock nuts on my Bumper Boys also get lose and would be lost if I did not check them. I have also had this issue on my GUs but I always check all my equipment before using be it GUs, ZW, BB...

I don't see where anyone has EVER claimed that you can use Gunners Up, Zingers, Bumper Boys....without doing maintenance on them. I guess Chevy/Ford/Toyota all make bad products because you have to change the oil on a regular basis.
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