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Gunners Up vs Zinger Winger

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I had one of my Gunners Up units go out of service due to possible servo problems and have decided to purchase a new launcher for the time being and if I ever get the old one fixed I will have a spare.
I would like to hear from those who have used both Gunners Up and Zinger Winger and hear which one you liked best.
I will most likley go with Gunners Up because they have been good units but with one down I can't help but look at the others.

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There has not been one report of a Slinger failing, EVER. Might be worth a look, at The magnet that holds the pouch and releases it, is either on or off.

Best regards,
Robert Steiner
Birds-Up launchers, "They Just Plain Work".

I almost didn't reply to the post by Mr. Davis because I will not enter into attacks on anyone or any person or a product. My first reply wasn't and this won't be, I will invite folks to consider the Slinger whenever they are looking into what's available.

What I will do though, is defend the criticisms, some justified and others, rumor. In the case of the Great Lakes test which mr. Davis posted here, I reply as follows.

Although I can't address morning no-birds in the particular test referred to, the Great Lakes HRC test, I will say that I was at the test in the morning. I watched about 7 or 8 dogs run and then went to my trailer across the road from the test. I was not informed that there was a great amount of trouble with the launches, nor asked to help.

I can speak to the Slinger no-birds in the land test in the afternoon. There were 3 Slingers in use in that test. If my memory serves me right, for the first 4 dogs 2 Slingers did exactly as they were supposed to and the third didn't. With the interest as well as the responsibility I felt, and feel anytime the Slingers are used, I went to the bird boy and assisted. From that point on there were no no-birds the rest of the day, from any of the 3 Slingers. It only seems reasonable then to conclude that the trouble was not the fault of the Slinger. While I was at the loading site with the youngster that had the trouble, I did nothing special, just saw to it that the bird was loaded per the usual instructions, that is, to have the bird completely in the pouch. In the same message board talk that said that there were "lots" of no-birds, the comment was made that someone had heard that one of the bird-boys was hurt loading a Slinger. That statement was completely false, NO ONE has been injured by a Slinger, EVER.

I am truly sorry Mr. Davis that you felt that I attacked your product.

Robert Steiner
Birds-Up launchers, "They Just Plain Work".
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