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Gunner's Up Winger Issue _ RESOLVED

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Anyone have issues with their wingers not launching after sitting for the winter?

I can push the yellow noise button on the electronics and the reciever makes a noise, then push the launch button I can hear the servo make a noise like it is trying to release, but nothing....

I have not tried a new battery in the transmitter yet, but figured if the reciever is getting the transmission, then it isn't a battery problem. All recievers were fully charged....

Any ideas? Richard you out there?


Lainee, Flash and Bullet
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You won't get any complaints from me about GUs love them! Thinking of replacing my 3 regular GUs with SOGs, love their size! I've had mine for 3+ years now and love them...

The electronics were fully charged, so I will try WD40.....if that don't fix it I'll open them up and see what we have....

But I sure could use a new hat ;)

THANKS your PM - how's that for customer service.....Gunner's Up rocks! :D

Lainee, Flash and Bullet
Wanted to follow up with a "thumbs up" for Richard and Gunner's Up. No sooner had I hit submitt on this thread Richard had contacted me. All my wingers are working great after a little TLC and "winter" maintenace. Been running full bore with my 4 wingers through rain and hails storms, no problems!

Thanks Richard...

Lainee, Flash and Buttlet

I took the release off, blew it out with cmpressed air to get any dirt and build up off and then sprayed with WD-40.

I then made sure everything worked before putting the release back in.

I added a fresh battery to the transmitter.

1 winger the plug had come off and I had it plugged in wrong, I turned it around and re-wrappd it with electrical tape....

Just some basic maintenance...

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1 - 6 of 8 Posts
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