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Gunner's Up Winger Issue _ RESOLVED

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Anyone have issues with their wingers not launching after sitting for the winter?

I can push the yellow noise button on the electronics and the reciever makes a noise, then push the launch button I can hear the servo make a noise like it is trying to release, but nothing....

I have not tried a new battery in the transmitter yet, but figured if the reciever is getting the transmission, then it isn't a battery problem. All recievers were fully charged....

Any ideas? Richard you out there?


Lainee, Flash and Bullet
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please post up what you did to fix the problem or what the problem was and what possibly brought it on.
I am coming home from Korea around the first of July and besides putting new tubing on, I prefer not to have any other problems with my wingers in my limited dog training time before heading back out.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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