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Gunner's Up Winger Issue _ RESOLVED

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Anyone have issues with their wingers not launching after sitting for the winter?

I can push the yellow noise button on the electronics and the reciever makes a noise, then push the launch button I can hear the servo make a noise like it is trying to release, but nothing....

I have not tried a new battery in the transmitter yet, but figured if the reciever is getting the transmission, then it isn't a battery problem. All recievers were fully charged....

Any ideas? Richard you out there?


Lainee, Flash and Bullet
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Hope this helps.

This release is really very simple with not many moving parts in fact just 4, the servo, the push rod, the basket hook and the firing release lever. If the servo is working and you are hearing a reaction in the servo when you push the release mode it can be just a few things…
1. If the receiver is a TT you may need to charge the unit. I’ve had TT’s with a low charge just not have enough Amps to complete the release. If it is a Dogtra and receiver has a low charge I’ve never had any reaction in the servo when the release is pushed but they will make their sound and still not have enough Amps to release.
2. Before putting tension on the basket hook try lubricating the firing release lever. WD40 works great. This is the part to the right of the release that moves from left to right to release the basket hook. Sometimes a little dirt builds up within the slot that this moves in and it just needs to be cleaned and lubricated.
3. Pull the release out of the base plate and make sure the push rod is still connected to the servo and the release lever. I’ve never had one come out but anything is possible.
4. If these don’t work the only thing left is the servo. I’ve used Gunner’s Up since 2003 and with the new release I’ve never had to replace a bad servo but that doesn’t mean that one can’t go bad. The connection points are the weakest part of the releases workings. Plugs to the receiver and to the servo need to be kept cleaned and in good contact. If you use your wingers a lot sometimes the receiver plug may need to be replaced. If it does you WILL NOT get a reaction in the servo at all.
I’ve used Gunner’s Up wingers every day in training and call me practical but they are excellent to train with. They can throw any type of training bird you want… bumper, live bird, dead bird, etc. it doesn’t make any difference. If taken care of they will last for years.

If you need to speak with someone please feel free to call I’ll be glad to share with you.

Ken Robbins
Gunner’s Up Representative
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