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I don't know Peake. It does seem to work. I use it for blinds (send on "Back") and retired guns (send on name) in FT work, and for a dog in HT stuff that is having trouble remembering a bird. The hand means "that's it, don't move" and the dogs learn that over time in the overall mechanics of going as sent starting right at FTP and continuing thru all the way. The deal is consistent communication on the handlers part.

So my sequence would be to generally line up, say either "dead" or "mark" depending on which it is, fine tune line thru push/pull, hand down and send. I DO NOT say "good" or "that's it" or anythingelse, HAND only. That being because I think the spoken word can be a distraction. Especially "Good" where the dog can get really undone with that word because of its use as praise. If I were to use a verbal cue, it wouldn't be that word.

I've seen other folks use the hand in other ways, a lot seem to use it for EVERY send. I can't personally see the reason for that, but whatever works I guess. IMO, not much need for say a go bird where the dog has clearly identified its destination and has "locked on" on its own. In that kind of instance, I don't think the dog needs any help. And to me, that's what the hand is for, to help.

1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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