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Hand down

I put my hand down for the following: to showing the dog the guns, for all blinds, to "no" a dog off a bird, for selection and I will use my hand to get a dog to focus on a particular memory mark if he looks like he is having trouble making up his mind but remove it before I send, and when faced with a mark I know he didn't see or forgot.
This is my plan but dogs and people are different. There are dogs that need that hand to settle their heads and some that don't.
Over the years I have gone thru a variety of handling styles. I first learned with the dog always on the left, you sent with the left arm extened and you stepped out with your left leg as you sent the dog. Then the step was eliminated, the arm came in, we sent using names on marks and back on blinds, used 2 sides and now it's hand or no hand. Take your pick, it is all in what you and your dog are use to.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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