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Would be able or interested in attending seminar on Friday April 7th?

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Handling and Training seminars in Texas

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UPDATE: Heritage Kennels is having a beginner handling seminar on Saterday April 15th starting at 9 am. It will be given by Bill Corcoran an accomplished hunt test trainer taking dogs from the basics to the master national! Please e-mail me to sign up and for location information and details. Bring your dog! $40 -no lunch provided

I have had an overwhelming number of requests for another basic handling seminar however our weekends are full of Hunt tests until July. I am trying to find a time to have a local seminar.

We will be have 2 additional seminars in July before continuing our summer Trip.

June 3-4th- Advanced Handling seminar- to cover all aspects of a successful run- line manners, bird selection, blinds, timing, honoring, poison birds, diversions and MUCH more- all the details needed to perfect your performance $75- lunch provided both days.

Next: $75 for both days- lunch provided both days
June 17th, Saturday- A solid basic foundation, training clinic- OB FF, Aggrivated FF, and how to collar condition! one day $50
June 18th, Sunday- Problem solving- freezing, hard mouth, line manners, popping, headswinging, breaking, switching, returning to an old fall etc. one day $50

[email protected]
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Kelli, consider a double post to RTF.

Bo&Luke, this would be a GREAT opportunity for you to meet the trainers, current and past? clients and others from Central Texas that are all about retrievers.
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