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:arrow: This is at a trial, not training.
:arrow: Water blind over a point.
:arrow: Distance not really an issue.
:arrow: You are dog #1 so you do not get to watch any other dogs except test dog run, so realitive to the rest of the field goes out the window.
:arrow: Clean marks, clean land blind - you are not running this blind with the thought you have to be perfect to make it to the water marks, just got to run the blind.
:arrow: Know nothing about the judges, they offer no comments about the blind other than it is over there and the line is here, have at it.
:arrow: It is obvious you must take the point.
:arrow: Did I cover everything? (Probably not ;) )
:arrow: See, I didn't : wind direction coming from right to left across the point. The point was was scented.

So there you are on the line. You send the dog - your game plan is "red." You let your dog take a line that makes it think you want him/her to go around the point and at the last possible moment you give a right angle (almost and over) to get him/her on the point. (note: my drawing isn't the best). Continue to handle and finish up the blind.

Or you decide to go with the "blue" game plan. You start out similar lines as the red plan, letting the dog think you want him/her to go around, but stop sooner to change direction of the dog to try and communicate you want him/her to go over the point. Well dog over thinks and tries to go fatter than you want as they might get caught up in the scent. So quick whistle and cast left back - dog once again goes a little wide of the cast so another whistle is needed. Dog gets on the point this time where you want him/her to be and you continue on with the blind.

So which is "better" :? Or worded differently, which one has the better potential of getting you carried to the water marks?

Yes I realize each has it flaws, but you have to have a game plan.

The red dog - who almost goes past the point, but takes an over to cross it.

The blue dog - who has a few whistles to get on the point and stay on line.

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