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See Hank doing mini T ala Lardy TT step. I have been working hard at softening my "back" command. At the end of the session it is very quiet. I was proud of Hank. When I first started reducing the volume I was getting some no goes. I had an issue with him today on the right overs for some reason unknown to me. Generally, this has been a strong point for him. I don't force on over so I went into a teaching mode after the second issue on the right over.
This is a long video, but I would appreciate any comments on how I handled the right over issue. I guess the photobucket times out at 10 minutes but I did another freebie to end the session.
I had a little looping on the sit whistle at the end of the sesssion. In this mornings session he went to the back pile about 18 times. So he was a tired little boy. So I am not concerned about the sit at the end of the session.

I made one mistake, I had my heeling stick in my off hand and reached across to stick him on a slow sit and he saw it coming.

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