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Some of you may remember last year when I posted about a friend of mine that had adopted a BLF that had severe separation anxiety that almost destroyed her home and ended up being returned. Well they have another hard luck story Lab but this one is having a happier ending.

This little 11 weeks old puppy was purchased by a guy my husband works with. This guy didn’t have a clue on raising a dog and had this poor little guy tied up under a tractor trailer in the shipping yard while he was working. He said that he was afraid of being evicted from his one bedroom apartment if the pup cried while he was gone. :roll: Long story short we offered to find the little guy a good home and he agreed. My friend Veronica said she would take a look at him and after finding him in a small crate covered in his own poo with his backbone showing, :evil: she couldn’t leave him there. He has a fear of men but is starting to come out of his shell and just loves her kids.

Now I am very pleased to introduce Jasper:

That's very cool. I just started working with a rescue group, rehabbing their most difficult (but redeemable) cases and nothing makes me happier than hearing good news. It's a shame the neglect some of these animals have suffered...

And thank God nobody pulled the trailer away with Jasper in tow while his "owner" was at work!!!

Thanks for your hard work.

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