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Have you ever donated a hunting/fishing trip/ dog handling lesson?

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I have done dog lessons with kids, and it is very rewarding.

Donated a duck hunt in the Butte Sink, and I must say nothing wen't like I expected. The guys paid 500 bucks, and I wanted them to get their money's worth. I was/am a volunteer for CWA, and we set a date. Looked at the weather, and it could not have been worse for killing birds. Tried to reschedule, but that was their weekend. Good guys, but very few shots fired. Ended up with a couple of teal, and a snow goose. Cooked them breakfast, and offered my trailer ( not a posh hunt obviously) to spend the night, and hunt the next day. They declined and were off to the Bay Area. I was a wreck-thinking I had not fulfilled my obligation.

They said they had a great time.:confused: I was elated, but will never do it again. Way too much pressure!

It gave me a whole new perspective on guiding. I can shoot ducks, and can catch Salmon in the best conditions, but when things are SLOW I ain't got the gift of gab. Long day in the boat or blind!

They obviously understood the donation thing, thank goodness!

Professional guides---you earn your money!
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That's they way it goes. There are no guarantees in hunting. You win some and you loose some. Don't worry about it.
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