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Took my one and half, well, two in sept, for her heart clearance with a cornell vet, and he found a heart murmur, grade one. that needs further studies. i will take her to cornell. My heart dropped when I knew he was giving her extra listening time that something wasn't right... He then had me run her and the murmur increased upon the run..

What are the chances that it is only an "innocent" murmur? I am not new to SAS , so I am nervous. I haven't even called Cornell for an appt yet.. I have had SAS in the past with goldens and am worried...

I am not "up" on the more recent tools used to rule out SAS, any thoughts from the group??

Maria Bianco willowbrook golden retrievers. private emals' too.. [email protected]

thanks ....

she shows no signs of slowing down , she is ball of energy that can be stopped!!
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