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Hey all,

I thought I would give you all the following update on some interesting developments that I have experienced with heartworm disease treatments.

Since we have started using the "natural die-off" method (many refer to this as a "slow-kill" method but as I have tried to explain in previous posts this is not really accurate because neither of the drugs used actually kill the adult heartworms) of treating some of my patients with heartworms I have started to get some the of the results. I thought I would share them with those of you who are interested.

I have treated about 10 cases of Stage I heartworm disease in adult dogs over the last year with this protocol and we have just recently gotten some results from a couple of them.

I have a client who is actively involved in a Bloodhound rescue organization. Due to a restricted amount of funds it is impossible for them to perform standard protocol adulticide treatments on all of the dogs they rescue. 2 of the dogs which were diagnosed positive on ELISA tests early last year have been officially cleared with recent ELISA tests. These dogs were treated with Doxycyline and prednisone initially and then given Ivermectin at regular monthly intervals. According to the records we kept the dogs "cleared" on an ELISA test right around 1 year after the treatment was initiated. Pretty promising results. I would also state that to date none of the dogs treated by this method have had any significant problems. All dogs treated have little to no cough, gained weight once treatment was initiated and seem to be thriving.

I will give more results as they come in.

Take care all and May God Bless you and yours.
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