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Help ID a Dog Breed.

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I saw a couple of dogs a while back and don't recall what they were.
They both had the body and head shape close to a German Shepard but had long, solid black, hair (like a Flatcoat). Any ideas of the breed?
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LABRK9 said:
BINGO! That is the dog I saw. They are indeed a handsome breed.
From what have seen from the photos it appears to be a Belgian Groenendael. From the AKC drawing of the Tervuren the body and hair are a match, except the dogs where solid black.
Yes I did go to those links, and from drawings, photos and reading the coat descriptions not sure which variety of Belgian Shepard it was. It's toss up between a solid black Teruven or the Groenendael. Those dogs looked like the drawing of the Teruven, though just imagine it being solid black. The photo of the Teruven has a more pointed face than what I saw or the drawing.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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