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Which "Call Name" do you like best?

  • Gauge

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  • Dakoda "KODA"

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  • Dexter or Deckster

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  • Moose

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  • Gunner

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  • Gant

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Help naming... PLEASE!

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I have narrowed down my choices for the name of my Chesapeake puppy (Male & Brown).

Gauge - Sound like a strong name... also keep with gun theme [Sire's Call Name "GUNNER"]

Dakoda "KODA" - Dakota meaning "Friend"

Dexter or Deckster - Name of grand sire on both sides [Gamblers Dilwyn Stacked Deck]

Moose - Brown and BIG/STRONG

Gunner - Name of Sire (Don't know how this name will fly)

Gant - Sounds like a wise old bear name
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"Gant" it's unique and if for no other reason the other call names are just all over used....and "Decks" well there just can only be one!
Honda Xrv650
a littermate of my chessie has the call name Koda - - suppose that's why I like son's name is Dakota, too - (yes, as in friend)

there are too many 'Mooses' out there.
how about 'Mag' - for magnum
I'm with the rest of the reply'ers.
Have seen WAY too many Dakotas(never knew one I liked.)
Moose is very common.Guage is ok-but also common.
Gant is cool. Thats my vote-
Also really like the name GRANT. or you could go with Brant.Ok enough with the 'ant' names. :?
I like Dakota, my girlfriend's grandaughter is called that, It's a popular girls name downunder.
Or why not Kokoda. The Kokoda Trail in New Guinea. Marched and fought along by a lot of Aussie Diggers in WW2
Gant! Great name...nobody else is likely to have it.

Kinda reminds me of a sound I use on a duck call.

I had no idea that Gant would be this popular and unpopular at the same time.

Popular -- Everyone likes it.
Unpopular -- No one has it.
How about Darkstar :?:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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