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helping save a boykin

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A friend of a friend has a 4 month old boykin (sp?) spaniel. Great little dog from good lines. I've seen him and would love to have one like him. The owner just got an e-collar and says that when he gives a "correction" at level 1, the dog goes bananas like it doesn't know what's going on. (which I'm sure is true) The information that I passed on is that the dog is just a puppy and they should just be having fun now. No collar! We're talking a novice here, so I know the pup can't really be "trained" at much of anything yet other than "house trained", a little bit of "sit", general socialization and some fun retrieving. I don't have the experience that many of you have, but I sincerely believe that I'm on the right track. PLEASE! some of you add your "yeas" and "nays" so I can pass them along to get him on the right track. If I'm off base, I can accept that too.
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You do teach a four-month old, but it is different than when they are mature. It is not "work" yet. Almost all the training is positive reinforcement. You don't make the demands. E-collars are for down the road, when you are making demands.

E-Collars are great training tools in the right hands, and can be terrible instruments of torture in the wrong. And there is very little grey -- you either now what you are doing or you don't. This is ESPECIALLY true if he is a novice. Tell him to put the collar away until he knows EXACTLY how to use it.

Your friend needs to be on a training program. There are a lot of good books out there. If he is a complete novice with no serious aspirations, I recommend James B. Spencer's Training Retrievers For Marshes And Meadows.

All it takes is about twenty-minutes a day. The only secret is making the commitment and sticking with it.
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