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helping save a boykin

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A friend of a friend has a 4 month old boykin (sp?) spaniel. Great little dog from good lines. I've seen him and would love to have one like him. The owner just got an e-collar and says that when he gives a "correction" at level 1, the dog goes bananas like it doesn't know what's going on. (which I'm sure is true) The information that I passed on is that the dog is just a puppy and they should just be having fun now. No collar! We're talking a novice here, so I know the pup can't really be "trained" at much of anything yet other than "house trained", a little bit of "sit", general socialization and some fun retrieving. I don't have the experience that many of you have, but I sincerely believe that I'm on the right track. PLEASE! some of you add your "yeas" and "nays" so I can pass them along to get him on the right track. If I'm off base, I can accept that too.
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Well, I trained one, my first retriever, with out the collar.

The first year was just obedience, and short marks. After that first year it was a very slow process.

Charlie Jurney helped with the FF, with me doing the final stages. When he was two I tried a collar. He was good for about two nicks at the 2 level before he would freeze. Then it was two months before I could get him to do anything at that "place".

I got a Lab. After the lab's formal training, I trained both dogs on the same marks and blinds. The lab on the collar the Boykin sans e-collar. By the time he was 5 years old he could hold his own with most average hunt test dogs, though his field was limited, due to his "people" :wink: not being allowed to run in certain circles.

In my opinion, only a few, make that a very few, folks have the knowledge and understanding of Boykin Spaniels, to sucessfully start using an e-collar on a 4 month old pup.
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