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helping save a boykin

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A friend of a friend has a 4 month old boykin (sp?) spaniel. Great little dog from good lines. I've seen him and would love to have one like him. The owner just got an e-collar and says that when he gives a "correction" at level 1, the dog goes bananas like it doesn't know what's going on. (which I'm sure is true) The information that I passed on is that the dog is just a puppy and they should just be having fun now. No collar! We're talking a novice here, so I know the pup can't really be "trained" at much of anything yet other than "house trained", a little bit of "sit", general socialization and some fun retrieving. I don't have the experience that many of you have, but I sincerely believe that I'm on the right track. PLEASE! some of you add your "yeas" and "nays" so I can pass them along to get him on the right track. If I'm off base, I can accept that too.
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Not to snipe the thread, but I have thought about a Boykin. Have you guys ever trained one. Are the better at upland or waterfowl?

As far as the thread goes, the guy should be educated, since he may simply be stupid. Then if that doesn't take, he should be kicked in the junk.

How about this Larry, shocking a four month old pup is about like me spanking my four month old child. He wouldn't get it and it would only hurt him and not teach him anything. It's simply stupid behavior and a quick way to ruin a dog. The dog can't have learned enough behavior to have it reinforced. Its just rediculous.

You don't spank an infant, and you don't shock a four month old pup.

1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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