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Hey Guthrie II

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I know you post over here more so than at the WD site.

Just wondering have you actually changed your training style to run SRS or are you just training like you would for a trial and heading there to let your chips fall.

Or if you changed your style how have you. I figured you have been throwing the rubber duckys that is a no brainer!
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Great question.

Here's what I've done and my outlook. The ATB's don't seem to be a problem.......yet. I keep them in a pile in the shop and he will pick one up everytime we go outside.......Of coarse, I threw a bunch of happy bumpers to get him used to it.

I've also used them in training set-ups. He seems to pick them up just fine. It's pretty tough though when you throw something rubber in the middle of a bunch of scent from training birds. Of coarse our training group uses real birds but I've used the ATB's when it's Dozer's turn.

So far, I haven't really changed anything up as for training tests. I have had group members toss a bumper under his nose during a set up though.

I know I'm gonna totally screw up here, but here goes. Dozer will be 7 next month and not once has he broke on me in training or competiton. That goes for hunting too. Knock, Knock. :wink:

I've had him in every hunting situation I can imagine except any kind of upland stuff. We'll see how he handles the hunting tests at SRS. Now that I've said what I've said, sure enough he will break. :oops:

I've talked with Judy and Danny on what to expect and the only thing they seem to harp on is handling on a mark quickly if you need to.

This is a tough training, I will not handle. I'm in fear this will cause popping. I'm gonna take my chances in Hot Springs and hope it won't cause any problems.

Your question is good cause I've thought a bunch about what to do. But ultimately I've decided........what I change today may be totally different than what the tests offer. So, it's training as usual for Dozer.

Only thing I will do this week is get an Avery dog blind and run him from that. He lays down, will sit remotely while hunting, hunt from a pit, ect. I don't think I've ever hunted him from one of those blinds though. I don't expect it to be tough for him to use it but I want to cover my bases.
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maxx said:
Do you guys like the scoring system that encourages the handling on marks?
I guess that's one reason why I'm going to an SRS event.

My first answer would be to absolutely say no.

But how can I make that judgement until I've witnessed it first hand.
2-Dogs said:
Jason Zerrer said:
From what else I've heard, make sure he'll kennel/load up/ sit --or whatever command you use-- up onto all sorts of odd things, tree stands, park benches, boat decks, hay bales, beaver dams ( i dunno...). And your remote sits / casts, and your diving ducks, and your nose-skimmer diversion birds, and 10 gunshots, and shouting, and.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm sure you'll do us Texans proud!

And I'll just try not to embarrass us. :wink:

You ought to be thanking me for all this attention I've brought to your game. :wink:

We're playing right into your hands ain't we.........

Bad news for you though, I can get on here after the SRS too. :lol:
Justin Tackett said:
At SRS Marks are about marking...not lining,

Take a direct line to the area of the fall....
Help me out here.........which one is it?
paul young said:
Ken that presupposes that someone will actually read what you post and buy into it.

believe me when i say that no matter what your opinion is, this game is here to stay as long as the organizers continue to offer it.

you've had a lot to say already.....-paul
1. Your reading it.............. :wink:

2. What makes you think I don't believe you? What makes you think I don't think the game is here to say?

3. Yes, I've had a bunch to say. What do you disagree with may I ask?
Justin Tackett said:
Ken Guthrie said:

You ought to be thanking me for all this attention I've brought to your game. :wink:

We're playing right into your hands ain't we.........

Bad news for you though, I can get on here after the SRS too. :lol:

Once again you have put way to much significance on yourself. I have had much better dog men than you'll even be tell me the game sucks...please don't think anyone is sweating your opinion one way or the other.

We are all little tiny wheels in a little tiny game....the game will be just fine regardless of what happens to you...or me.


It's obvious you need to take a minute to meet me this weekend and really find out who I am.

I don't know what brought on a post like this but obviously you were offended.

I think after this weekend you will realize I joke more than I'm serious.

Sorry you were offended but there was no intent under the essence of your reply.

By the way, are you sure I'm the one that needs to chill? :lol:
paul young said:
1. oh, i read it....but that doesn't mean i bought what you were selling. :lol:

2. that you seem to think having you and Dozer compete makes it "legit" as a dog testing venue...and that , if you post that it is not, after running it, a bunch of folks won't run or will stop running it.

3. mostly the whining. most recently, about your seed position.

best of luck to your dog!-paul
1. I didn't ask you to buy into anything.

2. I don't know what makes you think that I'm bringing something special to anything...........I've said it to many FT folks and friends the same............I've got an average dog that loves to retrieve. So to suggest that I'm saying I'm making this event legit is crazy. The fact that I paid an entry fee to an event I know nothing about should tell you how open minded I am about something.

3. Whining??????? About seed position????????????
You really have misread my posts I think.

Bottom line...............I don't know where this stuff comes from, but this all started with me saying I'd kick Farmers but with my ole' duck dog. Then I couldn't go to NC so I decided to "walk the walk" by entering Hot Springs. I never ONCE, I repeat, I never said I was bringing some great dog to kick but and take names..................

You folks are the ones who have made up some fantasy story from bits and pieces of my posts.

Believe what you want, I don't give a damn. I'll show up, run my dog. Whether we win or lose, I still have my duck dog and a companion. And folks will have their comments. I'm sure some hope we fall on our face, and some hope we win. But to tell you the truth, I don't care either way.

Because I get to meet a superstar out of all of this...............

My hero.............JT. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

And I'm bringing my autograph book hoping to get a few Team Waterdog members to sign it. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Gun_Dog2002 said:
Ken Guthrie said:
I think after this weekend you will realize I joke more than I'm serious.
And this mine fine flatulent friend is why I love our exchanges of comical nature.

Vicky Trainor said:
/Paul & Ken,

Please take any further discussion to PMs.

K G said:
If you're gonna talk that "tall," why don't you post your real name?

We both know the answer to that. :wink:
Justin Tackett said:

I'd like very much to meet you and here more about you. I'm sure there are 3 or more things you have accomplished that you haven't shared with us. Hopefully, you can hang around for a few series to tell me all about more about yourself.

May I ask what things I've accomplished that I've shared with you?

Yeah, I hope I can stick around with my mutt. Maybe it will give him some TV time.
Justin Tackett said:
I need to get off him. I like him and farmer has called me about twice a day everyday over the last month to tell me "He's really a good fellow"

I know he's got a good dog...and on paper his dog is tailor made for SRS. He's pretty good at everything! If Ken can hold up his end...they should go very deep in the competition.

Rule #1, don't believe everything Farmer tells you.

Rule #2, I'll be ready for anything next week, but so should you.........There have been many camera crews that have had pranks put on them by someone I know. :wink:

Oh.........I can't wait till Sunday night.
HarryWilliams said:
"He's really a good fellow"
I think that is most likely true. But, there seems to be a difference in perception. Perception is reality. I've know alot of good fellows that worked really hard to ensure folks perceived them differently than they actually were. :? HPW
As I'm sure you know............

The way I'm precieved is VERY important to me. :wink: :roll:
maxx said:
Ken Guthrie said:
Oh.........I can't wait till Sunday night.
Ken please keep your pants on :evil:
Moooooooooooooon River.....................
Paul Yates said:
I have $100.00 on Guthrie vs Gun Dog/Paul. :lol:

I'll buy the beer if ya'll can arrange it.
Paul wouldn't show............

He'd talk about how if we did it in Oregon blah, blah, blah..........

But when it was time to put up or shut up.....................

He'd still be talkin'. :lol:
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