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Hey Guthrie II

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I know you post over here more so than at the WD site.

Just wondering have you actually changed your training style to run SRS or are you just training like you would for a trial and heading there to let your chips fall.

Or if you changed your style how have you. I figured you have been throwing the rubber duckys that is a no brainer!
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I am sure he would answer whether he changed how he trains he might not tell me what he changed.
That is the one thing I to have wonder with on the SRS. Not that I know much but I follow enough of these chat pages and have had my ears open enough to know handling on marks at Field trials is a no no.

I wonder how some of the guys that run a lot of SRS and run a lot of field trials train. Do they train to handle there dogs on marks or do they train like they would for a field trial and then just handle during the SRS stuff.

I wonder if they are making the game different enough that you wont be able do both, ie you will ruin your FT dog by running them.

Wonder what tackett thinks of this?
Oh ya thanks for the answer Ken!
Do you guys like the scoring system that encourages the handling on marks?

I guess I am torn on this. I think it makes for great TV people think that seeing a dog handle is like the greatest thing since slice bread.

The more and more I get into training the more and more I find this somewhat easier than other issues.
Good way to look at things. It will be interesting to hear your perspective once you come back.
Gun_Dog2002 said:
I've had a lot of discussion about this with Tellus because he nominated me to judge the Oregon test. I told Tellus I'm not comfortable judging a game I haven't ran a bunch of dogs in, and for me getting my head wrapped around the game of handling on marks in particular was a bit foreign to me. At the end of the day this is a game and like every game there is strategy involved.

But is the strategy it takes to win this game breaking down your training to compete in other games?
Gun_Dog2002 said:
maxx said:
But is the strategy it takes to win this game breaking down your training to compete in other games?
Guess it depends on the trainer/owners goals for the dog. We all know its hard to focus on 2 games at once, even between HT and FT's where essentially their fairly close in many regards.

The thing with SRS is that you have to have a certain level/title of dog before you can compete. So one really cant just focus on it. Not at first anyway. You have to be good at a differenet venue before you can compete.

If I was to buy a pup tomorrow with the sole purpose of being an SRS dog would that train how you raise/train this dog? Would be looking for different characteristics than an FT or HT dog.

For the record I really like the SRS I would love to someday run something like this but I am not much of a trainer, I do play one on the internet though.
Dman said:
Maxx-for most folks, I would think of it like your first encoounter with the opposite sex. If it goes well you can't wait to go back for more. If it's not as smooth, that desire still needs to be satisified.
Bwahahaha...that's great!
What is so funny Dman, I figured you were still waiting for your first encounter!
Anyone that takes this internets shiz to seriously has issue themselve.

I like to think of myself as a good guy but I know I can ruffle feathers at times, sometimes I am trying and sometimes I don't even know I am doing it.

I might not be the best dog trainer on here but I know I am better looking that 95% of the guys on here, that is what my mom told me.
Ken Guthrie said:
Oh.........I can't wait till Sunday night.
Ken please keep your pants on :evil:
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