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Hey Guthrie II

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I know you post over here more so than at the WD site.

Just wondering have you actually changed your training style to run SRS or are you just training like you would for a trial and heading there to let your chips fall.

Or if you changed your style how have you. I figured you have been throwing the rubber duckys that is a no brainer!
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Jason Zerrer said:
If you're tight to the AOF, no problem. If you're out of what the judges deem to be the AOF it's 1001, 1002, 1003...bam 5 pts. 1001, 1002, 1003...5 pts. etc. The rub is what the judges think the AOF is and what you do. Hence the recommendations to handle early I think. Although I believe in the HRC book, and I thought AKC as well, it is mentioned that a quick clean handle is preferrable to an extended hunt.
Well then in SRS you're better off with 2 x 2pt. whistles at 1002.5 secs than a 5pt long hunt penalty at 1003, huh? No wonder they're quick to handle, I haven't missed an episode yet and that's been bugging me.

Ken Guthrie said:
Only thing I will do this week is get an Avery dog blind and run him from that. He lays down, will sit remotely while hunting, hunt from a pit, ect. I don't think I've ever hunted him from one of those blinds though
Mr. Gut, I bought one of these last season for my dogs and I had a hell of a time getting them to "kennel' into one of them. They'd do it in my garage, then the yard, but in the field it was no dice. I think the wind blowing it, plus the excitement did them in on that deal. Spend some serious time on this. From what else I've heard, make sure he'll kennel/load up/ sit --or whatever command you use-- up onto all sorts of odd things, tree stands, park benches, boat decks, hay bales, beaver dams ( i dunno...). And your remote sits / casts, and your diving ducks, and your nose-skimmer diversion birds, and 10 gunshots, and shouting, and.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm sure you'll do us Texans proud!
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