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Holding the bumper CORRECTLY

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My 6 month old is going through hold and will begin force fetch on monday. She is solid on her OB retrieves to hand and HOLD is coming along nicely.....BUT

About a month ago she begin to get sloppy with the way she held the bumber on retrieves (holding by end, cigaring the bumper etc.) I attributed it to teeth coming in and I still believe it has something to do with it.

Today in our hold and beginning Fetch session she did fine held it and even reach to fetch the bumper BUT she wants to reach for the ends and not the middle. If i cover the ends with my hands she fetches fine but immediately starts mouthing it to work to the end.

Is this a normal problem that I must work through

How do you encourage holding in the middle

How do you get the concept across that the middle is the correct way ...I always move the bumper to the middle but it just seems that she may not be understanding that the end is bad and middle is good.
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I hope your right. I just have had bad luck as my two year Chessie still does it make me so mad and when I correct her she just looks at me as if to say

"what you got the bumper back did you not"

Hold ducks correctly just looks like an idiot sometimes with bumpers
Thanks all. My 2 year old is no FC dog but gets the job done BUT I would like for it to be done correctly. The pup knows what right is she is just being stubborn.... she is entering that stage of life. thanks for the tips Breck she is not collar conditioned yet but I will keep it in mind.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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