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House Fire

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My wife and I recently purchased 10 acres with an old house that was damaged by hurricane Rita. We are going to build in a few months. I learned a couple of weeks ago that the volunteer fire dept. would burn the house down for free. They do this for training. They set a couple of fires and then sent teams in to put them out. They did this several times over a couple of hours and finally let it burn to the ground. It was the first time i have been around a house fire and it was impressive to watch. Keep this in mind if you or a friend ever need to get rid of an old structure. They were very greatful to us for the opportunity.
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My neighbor is the Fire Chief in this metropolis of Bedias and I thought about asking him about a controlled burn on my hay field last year but didn't.

Now I will.

Anyone around San Antonio remember 10-15 years ago when the Fire Department sponsored a BBQ CookOff??

The cars caused a fire in the grass field used for parking and destroyed 15-20 cars.

Misty Marsh Labradors said:
Most departments will not try a field burn for any type of training, it's just too risky. The wind get's up changes and next thing you know the town/city is being sued for damages. Wildfires suck!!!!!!
I now know they did one on a field much larger than mine last year after our "Burn Ban" was lifted.

Never have figured out what our little Fire Dept would do if a "real" fire happened while they were watching a controlled burn.

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