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How do you judge this?

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Master test. Triple on land. blind up the middle. Orange stake to give you point of reference. Handlers are told to handle to the orange stake. at that point there has been a trail dragged aprox 10-12 feet off to the left of the orange stake. Handlers are told that once you get to the orange stake to release your dog to trail the cripple. You can say fetch it up, hunt it up, ect.

My question as a judge. is say I handle to the stake great 2 cast and I am on it. I have a 8-9. I have sat my dog and said fetch it up. and the dog goes wild. does not pick up on the trail and is all over the place, now I have to handle back to the area, and to the actual bird.

I watched 40+ dogs run this blind. And I don't think 2 dogs did the same thing. There where handlers that handled directly to the bird. some dogs would not release on hunt it up and had to be casted over, ect.

So with out a standard to score by, how would you judge?
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I agree that this is why we have hunting dogs, and as a judge I always look for a dog that honers his nose. And My dog did very well on this. However the question is how to judge it.

The trail was dragged every 10 dogs. By the judge.

Unless the dog was completely out of control or came back to the handler I would pass him.
This is AKC. You should be giving a score not just pass or fail.

I ran a couple NAHRA test and I have run trailing test in UKC I don't have a problem with a trailing test. But at the end of a blind? what I had seen in Nahra and HRC was start them from your side show them a pile of feathers and tell them to hunt it up and they should trail.
There were 41 dogs in the flight. they carried 39 to the second.
How far away from the line was the blind stick?
The stick was i guess 60-75 yds.

Thanks everyone for the imput. I thought I was on the right track along with the rest of the flight but, just thought I would ask and see if anyone else had ever heard of this before. I agree that on a mark it would be a whole different ballgame.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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