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How do you receive your training progress reports?

  • I receive written status reports with the bill each month.

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  • I call the pro at regular intervals and request updates.

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  • I just trust that everything's fine and wait for the call that the dog's ready to be picked up.

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How do you receive your training progress reports?

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For those who have a dog out with a pro, particularly if you're some distance away and not working with him/her regularly, how do you keep tabs on how your dog is doing and what progress is being made?
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None of the above. :wink:

First, I don't get a bill much less a status report. I just send money every month. If it is not enough, he'll tell me so. I know what he charges so, I'm generally on the money.

I get called about once a week but sometimes we don't talk dogs on the call.

I'll call him weekly and if the conversation turns to training, I may ask about mine.

Yes, I trust my Pro but if he ever called me and told me that my dogs was ready to be picked up, I would be angry! :evil: I already have a dog at home.

I don't feel I need to see a written status report, I evaluate the progress by ribbons in hand.

Luckly, I am only 120 miles from my dog so I try to see and handle him as much as I can. If I see something in training, I'll ask him about it then.
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As a client, how would you feel about receiving you monthly bill via email?
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