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How long should a dog rest in between training drills?

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  • 1 hour

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How long should i rest'em

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I live in metro denver, It takes about an hour to get to my training area when the traffic is good. When we get out there to work I want to spend some time at the training grounds. I only have two dogs, a seasoned dog and one going through FF right now, so only one dog to work right now, soon it will be two. I will usually work him for like 30-45 minutes, and then put him up.

how long should I let him rest between workouts. Would an hour be enough? I just hate driving an hour to do a half hours work, especially with gas prices.

I will place a poll.
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I am talking about running set up marks, then resting and doing casting drills, then working blinds. not all at once, resting in between. I know a poll is not the most scientific or the best way to get a response, but it is good to get an idea. I know about he importance of reading my dog, but sometimes I think I am being too easy on him, which if anyhting I know will ensure his health.
KJB said:
The obvious solution is that you just need another dog or 2. :D :wink:
I think if I got another dog, my wife would make me sleep with them. :)
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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