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How many threads????

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Do we need to drag up from the past???? I've been here since '03. I don't recall us doing it hardly ever. Do we have nothing new to talk about, debate or discuss????

*Sigh* :? The times have changed indeed....... :cry:

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Let's talk about this weekend.

You gonna be there Angie?
What did happen to LVL?
huntingrdr said:
Have fun this weekend! If Ed needs help Sunday tell him to call me, I can come and help out if needed.
Do have Ed's number? Give him a shout.
fowl hunter said:
thats awesome that you are so willing to learn and help out.You are 16 right,Man I wish my parents let me drive several hours away to help and do things when I was your age.
Kid drives a Powerstroke too. Daddy takin' care of ole' Robert.
huntingrdr said:
Ken your truck aint bad either man...

Ain't my's a work truck. Getting a new one next week.

You would have loved my old Powerstoke. Lift kit and all. :lol:
1 - 5 of 34 Posts
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