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How many threads????

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Do we need to drag up from the past???? I've been here since '03. I don't recall us doing it hardly ever. Do we have nothing new to talk about, debate or discuss????

*Sigh* :? The times have changed indeed....... :cry:

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thats awesome that you are so willing to learn and help out.You are 16 right,Man I wish my parents let me drive several hours away to help and do things when I was your age.
well yeah he lives in southlake,I thought I was privledged growing up n Highland Park.Wish I had a powerstroke but my first car was a punny 3 series BMW...lolol
I am 27 and train atleast 4 days a week just south of Ft Worth.
hey huntingrdr did you do ALL of the training on your dog or has it been with a pro at all?What got you so interested ion dogs?has your dad always had hunting labs.
you can call me and train with us anytime you want.We train around alvarado and in cleburne and another place in burleson.We usually train in morning but train every saturday but would be willing to help in afternoons some with you.I could go throw some for you and you for me.Let me know.
yes I am familiar with didnt buy a box from him?lol deerskin is the best.
very familiar with midlothian.Hope you can find someone local and wish you best of luck.
1 - 7 of 34 Posts
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