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how much food?

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I have a question about how much to feed. I have a 9 month old pup that weighs in right at 70 lbs. He is not skinny and he is not fat. Actually I think his weight is just about right. You can almost see his ribs. but not quite. So here is my question. I only feed him two cups of food a day. (one morning, one evening) . He is on euk puppy food. He gets alot of work on land and water and is always hungry. Could two cups be enough to sustain him? I dont want to put weight on him too fast but I know he also needs the nutrition. It just dosnt seem like much food.
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just look at your dog.I have one that s eats more than twice as much as another but do same work and they look the same.I think every dog is different just like we are and we all eat different amounts.Dont go buy a number on the bag.Its a guidline.
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