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Just an observation from watching both FT and HT.... different venues and different priorities.

In a FT if the dog takes the straight line, and he's able to get to the marks through all the technics and factors associated with the line, the birds are usually laying in an open space, where the dog can see them so the dog shouldn't have to hunt. They wear white, run off elevated hills, and do a lot to ensure the dog sees the mark, and exactly where the mark lands. They want the marking, the memory, the technics and the straight line to said mark, they don't want them to have to actively hunt at the end.

Where-as in HTs, They want them to have to hunt, and set up situations where even an excellent marking dog, who takes the line, will have to put on a hunt at the end to find the bird. They wear camo, hide the gun stations, throw birds into the deepest darkest cover, basically do everything they can to confuse where the mark came from and where it has actually landed. They want the marking, the memory, and the ability to hunt intelligently and come up with the bird at the end.
Ummm not from my experience as a handler, judge and flier shooter! Wished that was the case!
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