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Judges in HT or FT will judge if the dog MARKED the birds. They don't have to pin them but indicate they have demonstrated some idea of where they are. It's all relative, but if your dog hunts the go bird, large hunt on #2, and larger hunt on #3 expect not to be called back in HT. AKC- Marking is of primary importance. These aren't upland tests. If your dog is 40 yards out of the area and works his nose to the fall, he didn't mark it. In most cases if he does that on two of the three marks you will get dropped. Establishing a hunt in the general area and working it out is find. Hunting 50 yards down wind and working back to the bird will get you dropped.

Remember, the object of the judging in FTs is to get some "seperation" between performances. That is NOT and should NOT be in the mind of HT judges.

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