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How Often Does Everyone Vaccinate their adult dogs for DHLPP?

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How Often do you vaccinate your adults?

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How often does everyone vaccinate your adults dogs-and what do you vaccinate for? Another topic got me interested to see who else does or doesnt vaccinate on a regular basis. What about your pups- when do you begin vaccinating your puppies for Parvo and other crucial vaccines?

I'll start with mine- DHLPP C annually on all adults.
Pups begin DHLPPC(using Fort Dodge-Puppyshot booster) at 6 weeks continuing until 4-5months of age,which is what my vet. follows.
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Rabies every three years and a 7 way every year. The 7 way includes lepto. Girardia and Lymes also given every year. Kennel cough every 6 months.

I've relaxed my once a month parvo vaccination until 8 months with puppies since we don't live in PA anymore. Parvo was plain ole scary along with the Lymes disease up there.

When I was in Wisconsin I was happy to find out that not only is the lymes terribly bad there now, but it's also complicated with Lepto.... I've dealt with lepto and I'd rather not. :shock:

So since the dogs and I travel so much, I try to be covered for everything they might run into in both Texas and Wisconsin....

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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