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How Often Does Everyone Vaccinate their adult dogs for DHLPP?

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How Often do you vaccinate your adults?

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How often does everyone vaccinate your adults dogs-and what do you vaccinate for? Another topic got me interested to see who else does or doesnt vaccinate on a regular basis. What about your pups- when do you begin vaccinating your puppies for Parvo and other crucial vaccines?

I'll start with mine- DHLPP C annually on all adults.
Pups begin DHLPPC(using Fort Dodge-Puppyshot booster) at 6 weeks continuing until 4-5months of age,which is what my vet. follows.
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I forgot to say that I give Bordatella annually too,unless someone comes into the kennel and brings it in then everyone gets a booster at that time.
moorelabs said:
Wow, Karen, 100%...we vaccinate according to the vets schedule, rabies every three years, yearly booster for DHLP. Bordatella every six months. We learned that they do not necessarily have to be boarded to catch this. It swept through the California trial circuit a few springs ago. We do monthly heartworm protection and frontline, too. I wonder how "awesome labs" feels about those?
Yup, I guess we're all irresponsible,arent we....
ErinsEdge said:
Herbal spray I make up from my secret formula of essential oils. :wink:

I think that people make their vaccination choices depending on their own individual risk which is dependent on exposure. Certainly if you have just one dog that has a low risk you are going to handle things differently than if you board, care for or train dogs for others, compete, or travel to areas that have problems like Lepto. People operate a boarding kennel or work at one or a Vet clinic are going to have their facilities exposed to everything that comes in and dogs that have limited exposure coming into that environment better have good immune systems or vaccinations. Their own private pets will probably have pretty good immunity from constant natural exposure. I wonder though about those that do not believe in vaccinations or boosters what's going to happen when all those underexposed, undervaccinated, or unboostered dogs are exposed to a contageous pathogen at a show where there are many others doing the same. It will probably be someone else's fault for bringing that dog, even though those people probably were not aware their dog was incubating something.
I think a very good point you have there,and one that my vet and I have discussed at great length.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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