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HRC Bucket of Water

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When you attain one of your HRC titles there is the traditional bucket of water poured over your head. Anyone know when, where, and why this tradition was started? Sure feels great though!!!!!
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In Region 13 it's slightly more civilized. We only put a large cup of water on the SHR titled handler...the HR title gets the full bucket, or two depending on how well liked he is. The HRCH title is accompanied by a full floating of the hat in the slough, creek, or reasonable facsimilie. This is a good time, especially if there are several at once. Along with their dogs, it makes for a memorable event.

As to the 500 point achievement, I'm of the belief that should be approached with far more than a ******* style with a certain amount of dignity...sprayed with champaign like is done with the players that win the World Series, or Super Bowl. Just another bucket of water, IMFWBHDAO, demeans the accomplishment.

Reaching the 1000 point status is again in need of more than a watering down. This should be approached with considerable reserve and dignity, as was afforded PVHRC's Rich Carpenter a few years ago. Fortunately I was able to resurrect a pic of that unforgettable evening. Notice the dignity in the honorees scepter, showing real respect. :roll:


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It was alarming, but not totally unexpected when you consider the mentality of the dude that handled the bucket. :roll:

As opposed to Richard :shock: I normally have a change of clothing, or even a couple of changes I haul along to a weekend's hunt test, even if I'm not expecting to get wet.

Ah yes, I do recall those AKC tests...a one day affair where you went and returned with the same clothes on your back. Those were the hoity-toity days. :wink: :lol: :lol:

MooseGooser said:
Like I said I ran like hell!! He's a great sport,, but if he gots a chance to gets me round the neck!!--I'm a choked chicken!! :lol:

Wait a dayum minute yer claiming I'm a chicken choker? :shock: :roll:

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