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HRC Bucket of Water

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When you attain one of your HRC titles there is the traditional bucket of water poured over your head. Anyone know when, where, and why this tradition was started? Sure feels great though!!!!!
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jydog said:
Just 6 years ago when I started, getting thrown in was reserved for those with a finished title. You litterally got thrown in a pond. Now you get water thrown on you for any title achieved. IMHO this is dumb. Especially for the poor guy thats already finished several dogs. It makes you want to ask a buddy to get your ribbons for you so you can escape early. Lets keep it special. Reserve this initiation for the first finished title. Sorry I didn't answer your ? but this has bugged me for a while.

You should be in the game longer. I titled my first dog in 1989 with an AKC junior title. I was thrown in the lake - mostly by people I did not know. It helped me feel a part of a much bigger family.

It's a good tradition, and one that needs to keep getting done - ESPECIALLY at the 'lower levels'.

Btw: The new tradition of having someone sit in a chair and "take it like a man" was started to avoid the 'chase someone down and get other, innocent bystanders wet". A good choice, imho.
Mike Perry said:
Many people that I know find it demeaning and humiliating, especially when the people continuously shouting "TITLE" with every ribbon are 3 sheets to the wind drunk.
I'm all for a good time and having fun but I've seen handlers doused with 3 garden hoses at the awards banquet when the outside temp was under 40 degrees. A little over the top IMHO.

You know - I don't think I've ever seen actually DRUNK at a tailgate party at the end of a test.

If we did see it at my club's test, liability concerns would probably make our club ask them to leave.
1 - 2 of 41 Posts
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