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hrc seasoned test set-up

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Was at an HRC test this past weekend, and saw a seasoned water test with the blind INSIDE the marks. Actually it was directly on the same line as one mark, just further. Is the mark supposed to be inside or outside the mark in seasoned, or does it matter. My dog was NOT running, i'm just curious.
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What DKR said...Even then, the HT committee let the judges have too much leeway. Must not have been a field rep on site. Used to be 40, now 60 yards , but the blind in HRC seasoned, land or water, is a seperate element and should not not be in conjunction w/ the marks, either up the middle, or over an old fall, or even under the arc. Oh well... cr*p happens at hunt tests. Glad to hear most of the dogs did OK. By the time I run a dog in seasoned they've been exposed to this scenario many times. I also run AKC. So, to me its not a real big deal

there is no written reference to consult.-paul
Pages 39 and 40 of the 2005 judges seminar booklet
1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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