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hrc seasoned test set-up

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Was at an HRC test this past weekend, and saw a seasoned water test with the blind INSIDE the marks. Actually it was directly on the same line as one mark, just further. Is the mark supposed to be inside or outside the mark in seasoned, or does it matter. My dog was NOT running, i'm just curious.
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Depends LVL 2004

Can be inside but it must (chang to should) be run before the marks then.
Wesley I went back and changed my original post to the word should rather than must. I should know better than to post an absolute on a message board. Thanks for the critique.

This has pretty well been rode but I would like to reply in general to some of the posts and justify my position on the given example of a test.

Should you setup a HRC Seasoned test with converging marks and a blind up the middle? Absolutely not in my opinion, what answers would you get from a Seasoned dog?

There have been a few posts about the legality of this and that well I’m getting to old and have lost enough hair that I don’t want or need to be splitting any. I’ll refer to the Judges/Handlers Seminar Manual like Hugh did. Take note of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th recommendations and the judging tip from the manual. The test as described disregarded this.

Pg 40


• The dry shot popper fired for the blind should be done immediately prior to the dog running the blind.

• The Seasoned blind should be a separate test. Don’t combine it with another part of the test.

• Be careful to run Seasoned blinds away from marking tests.

• Make sure scent from other parts of the test does not interfere with blind.

• Avoid drastic cover change.

• Handler should be able to see and control dog.

• Avoid tight angle entries on Seasoned water blinds.

• Avoid bank-running blinds.

** Seasoned Blind Judging Tips **

• Well-planned blind placement should encourage the retriever to take a good initial line.
goosebruce said:
I think your spillting hairs

I agree Travis but there might be a microscope in use.

If the rule book covered every single possibility you would need a gooseneck trailer.

We're meeting Tracy at Mack's Friday morning if you're nearby meet us.
Dman said:
DKR said:
We're meeting Tracy at Mack's Friday morning if you're nearby meet us.
What time?

Do you have my cell #?
goosebruce said:
I wont make it until friday night probably 830 or so. No way to skip outta work for set up this week, so the steves and johnny will set it up friday, and I'll fix it saturday morning. bwhahahaha, I kill myself.
Call Tracy before you get there, we might want you to pickup some beer & chips. :p

We've got a terrifc rulebook to currently judge hunting dogs with. Ambiguity can be a bad thing, but in general its a good thing when its applied to people trying to use common sense.

All this open mindness and common sense would still take a back seat to the #1 arguement about wes's double blind... this is not akc... you'd hear that 10,000 times before ya got off the hunt grounds. bwhahaha. travis
The older I get the more truth I find in the saying "Common sense isn't that common."
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