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hrc seasoned test set-up

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Was at an HRC test this past weekend, and saw a seasoned water test with the blind INSIDE the marks. Actually it was directly on the same line as one mark, just further. Is the mark supposed to be inside or outside the mark in seasoned, or does it matter. My dog was NOT running, i'm just curious.
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Not an appropiate Seasoned Test at all. Even if the blind was run first, the marks should not have been that close together, and should NEVER cross each other.
Sometimes the Hunt Test Committee is afraid to make the judges change the test, for fear the judges won't judge the test, or will not come back next time to judge in the future when asked. Sometimes the Hunt Test Committee doesn't even look at the tests before they are run. Every test set up should be checked by the Hunt Test Committee when they are set up and before they are run. Not many Hunt Test Committees do this. Too often, the Hunt Test Committee, isn't even qualified to know if the test is a good test or not. More problems seem to arise at the Seasoned level of testing than any other in HRC. Too often, a test that somehow is above what that level of dog should be tested for is set up and run in HRC. If knowledgeable Hunt Test Committees would always check tests during the setup, and not allow any tests that violate the rules for that level of test, most situations like this one could be avoided.
Very good post Sherri!
Every Judges Seminar I have been to advise against setting up the blind between the marks in a Seasoned Test. And if the land or water given for that test don't allow it, then the blind should be run first. The rule book is written to try to allow the judges some flexibility in setting up tests, due to different land and water that may be available for the test. A rule book cannot be written that includes prohibitions on every possible scenario that can be dreamed up. So, through the Judges Corner, and more importantly, through the Judges Seminars, required of all judges once every 3 years (ought to be every year), HRC attempts to explain what it's philosophies are in regards to each level of test, and to interpret rules and cover specific scenarios.

And as to "philosophies", Look on page 59 of the HRC Rulebook, bottom of the page, under HRC JUDGES CODE OF ETHICS:
HRC Hunt Test Judges, to the best of their ability, will uphold these high ideals becoming of HRC Judges.
a. Be mindful and consistent with the philosophy and purpose of HRC, it's programs and UKC licensed Hunt Tests.

Judges in HRC are required to comply with the HRC JUDGES CODE OF ETHICS.
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We are definitely on the same track with Hunt Test Committees. :wink:

But please see above post as to HRC philosophies.

I do see what you're saying.........Read the Judges Corner. And I go to a Judges Seminar at least once a year. I do it because I want to be the best judge I can. :wink:
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