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Hunt test judges' critiques

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I will be apprenticing a master level hunt test this weekend and am thinking that when I get to be a judge for "real", I'd like to consider having handlers fill out an anonymous critique of the judges. I'm sure this has been done by others in the past and wonder what questions to ask? It would seem to be helpful to know how the handlers felt about your judging style and test set ups.

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The BEST compliment a Judge can get is a handshake and a "Nice Test" from the handlers that just picked up their dog or did not get a callback.

Good judges KNOW when an egg has been laid and will take that into consideration when discussing callbacks, scrapping the test and/or determining placements/qualifications.

We are all subject to having something go wrong with any test we might set up. How we handle that "wrong" is the mark of a good or bad judge.

Laid a few eggs my ownself.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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