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Hunt test judges' critiques

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I will be apprenticing a master level hunt test this weekend and am thinking that when I get to be a judge for "real", I'd like to consider having handlers fill out an anonymous critique of the judges. I'm sure this has been done by others in the past and wonder what questions to ask? It would seem to be helpful to know how the handlers felt about your judging style and test set ups.

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I believe that some NAHRA clubs tried this years ago. Unfortunately, most of the people that are willing to take the time to critique, usually have had a negative experience and so you can imagine what they write down.

In principle, I agree with the idea of gettting feedback from handlers. However, if you do offer an evaluation form to handlers use caution in how you word the questions. Use mulitple choice or "on a scale from 1-10" questions.

If someone doesn't point out mistakes, how will we learn to change? Kind of like steering a boat, it's easier and safer to just hold the wheel straight. But it's better if we have input that tells us when to turn to avoid harm.

Agree 100%.

1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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