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If you judge HT's, regardless of org. - have you ever hunted with a retriever?

  • yes, within the last year

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  • yes, but it's been a while

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  • no, I have never hunted with a retriever

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  • no, I have never been hunting, period

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Hunt test judges who've never been hunting

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I have heard about hunt test judges who have never actually been hunting, but am wondering how prevalent this is. If you've never done any hunting with retrievers, how do you feel qualified to test and judge them? I wonder if anyone who judges HT but has never once hunted over a dog will admit it.
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I have had the opportunity to have several Co-judges who have never hunted with a Retriever in their lives. With some it was a real battle because they really didn't understand dog work at all. With others I found outstanding Judges who were very dog-wise and knew how to set up a good test.

The lesser judges without fail wanted to set up breaking tests series after series. They didn't have a clue about bird placement or how factors effect the dogs. To them, it was all about steadiness.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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