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If you judge HT's, regardless of org. - have you ever hunted with a retriever?

  • yes, within the last year

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  • yes, but it's been a while

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  • no, I have never hunted with a retriever

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  • no, I have never been hunting, period

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Hunt test judges who've never been hunting

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I have heard about hunt test judges who have never actually been hunting, but am wondering how prevalent this is. If you've never done any hunting with retrievers, how do you feel qualified to test and judge them? I wonder if anyone who judges HT but has never once hunted over a dog will admit it.
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I would much rather have a judge that is currently training and running dogs than one with just hunting experience. We're testing dogs in AKC HT's not playing hunter and accepting any work the dog does as in other HT's. :roll: :D

I know many self proclaimed avid hunters that go with a guide using a meat dog 2 or 3 times a year. Do they really know retriever work? I hunted almost daily from Nov to Jan for 25 years before I came in contact with "really" good dog work. I then learned more in 2 years about training, setups and factors than I had in a lifetime of hunting. I'll take the amateur judge that has and is training & running dogs to the level we're testing and is giving back to the sport.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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