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Hunt Test Question

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In a SH or MH test the dog is sent on the go bird and picks it up,instead of returning to the handler the dog goes to the second mark and without dropping the first bird,get them both in his mouth and then returns to the line.
How is this judged and why ?
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K G said:
The only thing close is a switch and a switch can only be ruled when the dog drops one bird and delivers another.
From the current AKC HT regs/guidelines, Part III, The Abilities of Retrievers, Section III, Perseverance/Courage/Hunting, paragraph four:
"Switching implies that a dog gives up in its hunt after a search, leaves the area, and goes for another bird, or, when it drops a bird that it is retrieving and goes for another."
The dog does not have to deliver the bird it goes for in order to be eliminated for a switch.

The dog did not give up the hunt, though, because the hunt was completed, so it is not a switch. The dog is dropped for not delivering all birds to hand. It is still out in my opinion.
K G said:
The dog dropped the bird it was retrieving to go for another bird.

I did not see this scenario above. The dog may have lost one of the birds after picking up both. I have seen it happen when a dog picks up the diversion bird on the way back from a mark.
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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