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Dog Training Seminar featuring instructor Ronnie Smith and the Silent Command Sytem of training.

For Pointing and Flushing Breeds

Seminar starts at 6:30 Friday April 29 - May 1 at Feistner's Hunting and Guide Service 5 W and 3 1/2 S of Woonsocket, SD.

Contact Dave Bruns at Minndakota Kennel for more info. 605-996-2750 or [email protected]

Friday Night
Silent Command System previewed. Topics covered are animal behavior, creating points of contact, "reading" your dog, pecking order and choosing the right pup for you.

Putting you in charge, the dangers of anger, hunting patterns, using the command lead, checkcording, using pigeons, bird work, pointing and backing, flushing and getting steady.

Advanced Basics- whoa post, table work, using the ecollar,more bird work, the trained retrieve, finishing work. Special problems: blinking, gun shy,ranging too wide, improving hunting patterns, introduction of voice commands.
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