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Hypothetical Question, Would you work to place this dog?

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My Dear RTF Friends,

This is a hypothetical question. Any similarities to actual events are coincidence. Say you know a family. Know the father and mother like your own. Went to school with the kids. Share the same hobbies. Then say you and the father get into the retriever game at the same, both choosing "Minority" breeds. Your friends dog goes far in the show game and gets a CH while having fun in NAHRA tests before getting hit by a car. Your friend searches far and wide for a pup of the same minority breed and finds a "Hot" litter. He is just starting it's field training. Running NAHRA started and one duck season under the pups belt and then suddenly your friend dies. Now the widow is alone with the dog. Kids gone, big house, she is wanting to move on. Dogs training is at a standstill and you have not stopped by as often as you should have to help her with the dog. The dogs training has regressed with the widow to the point that the dog can never be off lead. Will not come when called. Now it is a good dog. Stylish, likes to retrieve, not fat. It has been neutered by the widow in hopes that it would improve it's obedience. Now you and I know that obedience work improves obedience but that is nether hear nor there, it's done. Now this dog is a handful for regular RTF folk like you and I for sure. It is way more than a handful for the widow. The dog is miserable, she is miserable, and you are feeling guilty for "Letting it happen"

Now You are a well known member of the RTF family. Active in your local retriever club and a familiar face at the other clubs in your circuit. Would you reach out with your name recognition, contacts in your region and internet ability and try and find a home for this dog? To respect the memory of your friend it would need to be a hunting home. Best case scenario a hunting home that ran hunt tests as well. Or would you leave well enough alone knowing the dog is a living memory of the late husband for the widow. And knowing that the dog issues could be managed by the widow if she just applied some time and effort.

Would you place this dog? Or not?

Ken Bora
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Ken Bora said:
Kristie Wilder said:
Just ask her. What's with the avoidance?

Maybe you worry it is not you place. That is more of what this is about.

I'm as guilty here as you are & should have stopped by a lot more too. It's just hard to do when you can't really get past the loss of your training buddy. You & I don't agree on many things, but I know you feel the same on this one.

At first-I did ask about her placing the dog, but she wanted him because he was such a big part of "his" life. (I almost should use his name-this isn't disguised at all.)

I have a month or two before Finny comes home. I've been borrowing dogs left & right & would happily spend some time with this dog. I also have friends with the same "minority breed" who would know someone wanting a dog of this caliber. I remember when he was a young pup training at Irish Hill & telling "him" "Here's the dog you've been waiting for" -not knowing how it all would go :cry:

Personally-I think he needs & deserves an active life-he has/had potential-with NO disrespect to "his" widow. She's a wonderful person & I am sure loves the dog.

I'm sure that you are raising some eyebrows with this post & I'll have :roll: in my direction too for posting, but I don't care. This is a worthwhile question.

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