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Ian Poultner (Golf GDG)

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What is up with the pink pants & pink shoes?!?! Eeeeewwww! :shock:

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YardleyLabs said:
What are you doing watching golf on a sunny Sunday anyway? Go out and work with your dogs! :wink:
It is raining in VT. I spent Friday training w/ a friend's dog & Saturday running Master w/ the same dog (well, into the second series :roll: ). Planted in the garden & am now happily cooking Sunday dinner & indulging in golf. When I have a dog at home (June) I'll happily train-rain or shine!

Derby said:

You would wear that outfit too for what they pay him!!! I am sure he has a six figure a year contract to wear that stuff!!! :roll:
But I'm a girl! :wink:

1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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