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I'm new here...

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As a long time lurker of this forum, I just wanted to take a minute and introduce myself. I got my first dog “just for a pet” three years ago. I was introduced into the retriever training world when my golden girl was bumping two years old, and after some thought, I decided to go for it. So I began training my golden last year - as complete amateurs, Mandy and I are learning together and we’re both loving it. I’m hoping that we will be ready to run a hunt test or two this fall.

I am so thankful that a site like this is available – I have already learned so much here and I know I will learn much more in the months that follow. And I'm sure that I'll have quite a few beginner questions for you all as well!

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I have a few things in common with you. I also got my first golden "for a pet" three years ago and started training spring 2006 - when my dog was 2. We are amateurs also and are trying to learn all we can (and have fun). Nice looking golden you've got! Bring on the questions! :D

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